Friday, December 4, 2009

Good Job, Marrow!

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. Claxton to discuss the results from my bone marrow biopsy taken at the end of the 3rd course of treatment. I didn't sleep too well the night before and woke up with a huge headache....probably from stress. I am still trying to kick that headache actually. The first bit of good news was when I found out that I had gained a few pounds (gotta celebrate the little victories) so, watch out, soon enough I will be back to my intimidating self. The the doctor came into the room on-time (must have been an alignment of the moons or something). Within the first few minutes of him being in there he mentioned, almost as an aside, that my marrow had come back clean and with no signs of residual leukemia. I instantly let out a huge breath....he must have thought there was a draft of something. I had to ask him to repeat himself and double check just to be sure. He did and I was on top of the world. This basically means that the chemo has been working up to this point and cleared out my marrow of all leukemia. Those are beautiful words. This does not mean that it is all over (not even close, unfortuneately) but it is certainly a very good sign. Things are as positive as they could be up to this point. There is still one more 7-week course of very agressive chemo and then 3 years of monthly maintenance. So, there is still a battle to fight, but we are winning and won't stop until this thing truly regrets the day it chose the Lyons boys.

As I was laying in bed thinking about all this last night (since I couldn't sleep again cause of that headache), it just seemed like very appropriate timing. Advent is all about waiting and appreciating that wait because what is at the end is very worthwhile. That wait can be hard, challenging, and not easy but the finish line offers amazing rewards. Moving on to this 4th course feels like there is a finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Its still small but its getting brighter and I/we (can't do it alone) will follow that light at all costs......sounds like 3 other guys who followed that light 2000 years ago....and that seemed to pay off.

Anyway, that's enough philosophizing for now. I'm just so happy about yesterday's news and energized for the next part of this fight. Thanks for fighting with me. It means everything. No doubt that.....

ALL Will Be Well

"Christmas has lost its meaning for us because we have lost the spirit of expectancy. We cannot prepare for an observance. We must prepare for an experience."


  1. What GREAT news. I can not describe how happy I am for this. You deserve to be free of the beast.


  2. Praise the Lord! He is sooo faithful! What a beautiful answer to prayer! And in time for Advent indeed! I'm so happy to read this, Dan. All WILL be well!

  3. So so happy to hear this news. We love you, Christine & JP