Friday, March 30, 2012

In Need of Prayers

This is the post that I hoped I would never have to write. I received a phone call on Tuesday afternoon from Dr. Broome saying that my leukemia has returned and that I have relapsed. The wind was taken out of me and I could not speak nor would I know what to say. Dr. Broome was very sympathetic and tried to remain positive. Basically, the next step is to be admitted to Georgetown Hospital for up to 6 weeks to receive highly intense chemotherapy that will hopefully put my cancer back into remission. After that, I will briefly recover and then head to Hershey, PA to receive a bone marrow transplant. This is going to be a long, terrifying journey but one that we must take. I promise to continue to put 100% of body, mind, soul, and faith into this journey and I ask that everybody doing this promises to do the same with me. We can beat this and we can get through this.

I am not going to write too much now but I will write next week from Georgetown. Please pray for the success of this treatment. Please pray for Hanna, who is my strength and amazes me with every word she speaks. She is my rock and I love her forever. Please pray for our familes and friends. With all this prayer and love flowing, we will fight this fight and win this fight. I am struggling to find good words right now so I am just going to leave it at this for the moment. I plan to lean on family and friends just like I did before so thank you for being there to help. I love you all and,

ALL Will Be Well,

"Love Never Fails"


  1. You've kicked cancer square in the ass before, so you'll just have to do it again. I love you, Bro. This is just the beginning of the final step to getting rid of it for good.

  2. Danny - Gayle, Sadie and I are with you. If you need anything at all, please let us know. You will beat this. Love from Pittsburgh.

  3. Dan, we (me, my family and friends) are all praying for you and Hanna and the doctors. God IS with you.


  4. Danny,

    Erin saw the Facebook link and called me. We are praying our hearts out for you, Hanna, your family, and the doctors. We are right up the road if you need anything, and you know my folks are 3 minutes from the Med Center. I can't imagine how difficult this is, but be full of hope and trust - Jesus walks the way with you this Passiontide. You will come through this even stronger and more conformed to His Heart.
    We love you and we're proud of you.

  5. My love and prayers are with you. Be strong and see God in all the beauty the world has to offer.

    Eileen Cahill

  6. Danny Boy,
    It's difficult not to be heartbroken but I share in your hope and resolve that you'll prevail in round two. My prayers, such as they are, join yours and Hanna's. Whatever you need.

  7. So sorry to hear you have to battle this again, Dan. I will be thinking and praying for you in these weeks ahead. Try to distract yourself from worries about time and space, because focusing on being present, and absorbing all the incredible love in your life is more important. Take in all the incredible care coming your way and "all will be well!"

  8. Dan and Hanna, i just want you both to know that Cortney and i are praying for you both and will send all our strength you way in the weeks and months to follow. Dan, you have so much love coming your way, you will no doubt come out victorious in this fight. It won't be easy, but you have the love of a wonderful woman and so many friends and family in your corner. ALL will be well.

  9. Been to a few masses praying for you. Don't worry. I'll be bringing a reuben some time early next week. I'll even try to sneak a Guinness past Hanna and the docs.

  10. Dear Dan,
    You know that my English is not very good; it is not easy for me to express my feelings in English. I am writing for you because I want you to know that I became really sad when I heard this and I will pray for you. You are young and strong, you have hope and desire, and someone to love. If you ask me, I would say you do not need anything more than what you already have to win this fight. All will be well.
    Of One Essence is the Human Race,
    Thusly has Creation put the Base.
    One Limb impacted is sufficient,
    For all Others to feel the Mace.
    The Unconcern'd with Others' Plight,
    Are but Brutes with Human Face.

  11. Dan, as soon as I heard this news I started having my students pray for you before we start class. Please know of our prayers and love. I don't understand the Lord's plan but He is stronger than all of this. I have nothing but love for you, friend...thinking of you and praying. And I believe in the power of that prayer! Peace, Julia

  12. Dan, Bob and I know the fighter in you. You can beat this again. We are sending you prayers and our hope that you finally kick this to the curb. We love you kiddo.

  13. Nothing but prayers and good vibes going your way. Hugs and strength!

  14. Dan I'm a friend & colleague of Luke O'Connell & Brian McCarthy, also a CUA grad, class of '99. My prayers are with you daily! God Bless!
    Matt Meehan Scalzo

  15. Dan,

    Prayers are with you. I shared this with my friend Allison McGinley, who is in remission from Lymphoma. She is a total prayer warrior. Please pray for her too - there was some unknown activity in her tumor and she will go back for testing in a few months. Her story is at
    Blessings and hope,
    Sarah Burkey

  16. GS aka GF The rosary ring you gave me is in turbo motion, You have nothing but absolute un-conditional admiration as well as prayers and good wishes .
    Love you Danny

  17. Sending love and prayers your way Danny. I know you'll beat this!!! Xoxo, Cyndi Hoffman

  18. The young men of Curley and the friars are praying for you as well. I love you bro!

  19. Dan,

    Just catching up on your news...I am praying for you! Keep fighting. You're incredible! Love you lots and lots and welcome to Washington! You have lots of good friends and support here! I'm so thankful for it for you and your family.

    Andrea Pandrea

  20. Hi Dan, I just heard your news via Luke on Facebook. We'll be praying for you every evening. God is so close.

  21. Dear Dan
    Sorry to hear about this.
    You will beat this. I am praying for you. God is with you.

  22. Dan,

    Sorry you are going through this again. I know this will be very challenging, but we, at GW, will be there to support you.