Friday, August 7, 2009

Back at it

After taking a day to celebrate the good news of reaching remission, I returned to Hershey yesterday to start Round 2 of the chemo treatment. This round is supposed to be pretty long and pretty intense. The goal is to knock the leukemia while it is down. The chemo drugs (and there are a slew of new ones.....most of which I can't pronounce) will hopefully keep the disease at bay and prevent it from relapsing. So yesterday I had a spinal tap where they put some drugs into my cerebral spinal fluid, a shot of chemo directly into my arm, some chemo by pill, and an IV. I think if they could invent another way to get the drugs in me, I would have had it yesterday. I'm surprised osmosis wasn't an option....haha

So it was a very long day and I am feeling pretty drained from it but my mind is back in the game and I am ready to keep fighting. There is still a long way to go, still a chance of relapse, still a chance of needing a transplant and still alot of battling to do. Bring it on.

Speaking of transplant, it has been something that the doctors have thrown around a little over the last few weeks. I have learned a little bit about it and know that it is best and safest if it is from a sibling. In order to be prepared for that option, my brother is going to be "typed" for his bone marrow tomorrow. This is not to say that anything is definite but the doctors want to have his information on file in case we go down this road.

I am dragging this beast back in the ring and putting the gloves back on. Thanks for being in my corner and know that

ALL will be well


  1. Uy!!!! Come on... time to keep your mind busy!!!! Fly to Gran Canaria with your mind... south of the island, great beach, wonderful fresh soda, great company (of course, I am not there, I have to work, hahaha)and tons of free time :P

    It is great to read you!!! You are incredible!!!!

  2. You inspired me! Just swabbed my cheeks to join the marrow registry!
    Hope you are doing well!