Saturday, April 21, 2012

Psyching up for Cycle II

Here is the latest: I have been at home for the last two weeks being sick in the comfort of my own home. After the first week of chemo, I was scheduled to recover for a couple weeks but they were pleased with the way that my body was holding up so they let me go home on Holy Saturday. It was so beautiful to be out of the hospital for Easter Weekend. My mom and brother came down and most of Hanna's family was able to come down and we had an amazing and blessed Easter in DC. Luke offered his place in Georgetown and we were able to eat, pray and hang out together as a family. It was wonderful to go home at the end of the day and lay down in my own bed. So, since then, I have been laying low at our apartment as my blood counts and body have been recovering. I have remained mostly symptom free and keep myself infection free and out of the hosptial. Hanna and I have tried to stay somewhat normal and made a trip to see Hunger Games and dinner with my mom, aunt and cousins. It has been so much better for my mental state to be home with my beautiful wife doing everyday things. I have lost a little weight but my appetite has stayed pretty normal so I think that is just the chemo taking its toll on my body.

The worst part was having to shave my head again. I was starting to lose my hair so we decided to preempt it and shave it before it started getting everywhere. The upside was that, at the barbershop, there happened to be a woman that overheard my story and she shared her own battle with cancer and how she knew exactly what I was going through and promised to keep me in her prayers. She gave me strength at a particularly low point. It amazes me how good people are and how, when you need it most, someone is there to pick you up. So, now I am a baldy but I keep telling myself that it is just one step closer to entering that Vin Diesel look-a-like competition.

I have been back to the hospital a couple times to have my blood checked and, as expected, I have pretty much lost all of my immunity which means no fresh fruits and vegetables (so, basically, my normal diet) and Purell everywhere I go. But, it has seemed to work since I have stayed relatively healthy the last few weeks.

I will be re-admitted on Monday to start Cycle II of the first part of this chemo regimen. It will be a little easier since I already know the routine and some of the nurses and techs but I am pretty sure the 'corner pocket' is not a guarantee. I will only be receiving chemo for 3 or 4 days so hopefully they will let me come home again to recover but they can't make any promises about that so it is just a wait and see for now.

We have received so many cards, messages, and emails. They always come at the right time and we can't thank everybody enough for your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is very meaningful give us continued strength in tough times.

Keep the prayers coming and ALL Will Be Well,


"God created shadows to better emphasize the light"
--Pope John XXIII


  1. Thinking about you, buddy... keep your head up... It ain't easy to being cheesy :)

  2. Praying for you every day. We really want to visit but don't want you to worry about our germs. We love you young man. Hannah is the best angel God could have sent you. Rock it out kiddo!

  3. Glad to hear things are going relatively well all things considered and that you got to spend Easter with your family. Continuous prayers and thanks for keeping us updated. Much love! You are so strong :)

  4. This was a wonderful update to hear! Good luck to the competition in that look alike contest, I am not sure they will stand a chance. Thinking of you up in New Hampshire!