Monday, November 16, 2009

fALL days

I'm just sitting here relaxing after two of the most fantastic November days ever. It has been warm, sunny, and beautiful here in the H-burg and I've been loving it. I could get used to this but I have a feeling that it will be short lived and that winter will soon be making its unwelcome appearance. Yikes, that means that I have to start Christmas shopping, wedding planning, and preparing to be 29.....3 things I am not sure I have skills at. Hanna and I are trying to firm up the reception site.....hopefully this week. After that, I'm not sure what happens but I think I will start working on napkin origami figures for the place settings. Any ideas?

So, over the last week, I have noticed that my hair has started to grow back. Its not that peach fuzz, "I'm 15 and just getting facial hair", hair, but it looks more like my real hair. This was also confirmed by the unwelcome return of a few nose hairs (another impact of turning 29).....maybe chemo had more benefits than I realized. But, I am not exactly sure why. Maybe the chemo in the Third Course does not affect the hair like some of the earlier drugs. Either way, it is nice to have a little taste of a return to normal.

I went out to Hershey on Friday to resume chemo for the third round but they sent me home after they ran my blood counts. Apparently my platelets had dropped too low to give me the chemo drugs. So, the third course is on temporary "pause" for the time being. I went back yesterday and my platelets were still too low so I will go back again tomorrow. Whenever the platelets get back to a normal level, I will get back on track with this chemo. The frustrating part is that it will bump back the next bone marrow biopsy and meeting with Dr. Claxton. So, it might not be until the second week of december that we get any more feedback or results. Oh well.....we just have to press on. The positive side of this is that I have been feeling pretty good....low platelets doesn't make me sick and this chemo isn't the worst. So, besides some exhaustion, I have been alright and lovin' life.

I have about 100 pages to go in the Dan Brown book and it is so hard to put it down and accomplish anything else. So, know how much I like you all by writing here instead of reading :)

The 5k ( is coming up in less than two weeks....I can't believe it. Thanks to those coming, thanks to those organizing, and thanks to those who will support with love and prayers from afar. So much to be thankful for this season and this is a perfect example. People are pretty awesome.

Well, that is about it for now. I am still recovering from having my heart broken by the Eagles and the Irish on yet another football weekend. I am watching Jeopardy and quite jealous of the "Clue Crew"....those people that travel around and give some of the clues from famous locations around the world. I'll take that gig. I know that was a bit random....but, seriously, that is a job for me.

Much love and have no doubt that

ALL will be well

--"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."


  1. I just got off the phone with Alex and he said there are a few spots open for the Clue Crew. "Qualified candidates enjoy travel, can bowl a 250, own at least a baker's dozen Bruce Springsteen albums, have watched 2 seasons of "24" in three days, have bachelor's degree or equivalent, have 1-2 years work experience with the state in departments with indecipherable acronyms, be flexible, eager to learn, self-starter, shoot 55% from beyond the arc or better, be currently beating leukemia, and be willing to go "all in" with 2Q,7H.

    Oh, and the position said it's helpful if you have a friend who is also willing to travel around the world for ten-second clips aired once or twice a night on prime time.

  2. Thanks, Count Von Pluma, for that info. I just got back from counting my Springsteen albums and I will have to call Alex up because, by gosh, I think I might be the man he is looking for. I have what it takes to fly to Egypt for a 10 second clip with a camel standing behind me. And, hey, you never know. That flop might just come 7,7,Q.

    I think I have a good buddy who recently got his 3-point percentage up to 61%, to join me in that as well.

  3. As long as it does not interfere with our stint on Amazing Race I will allow it.