Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes it takes a major event to open our eyes and make us realize all that we truly have. I am so blessed and have so much to be thankful for this holiday week. My friends and family continue to blow me away everyday with their selflessness and generosity. I have had alot of time to think (that is when I am not applying for The Amazing Race or watching The Price is Right) and I am more certain than ever that humans are built to help each other out. We are wired to live "for" each other. Once I am healthy (and in the meantime), I am gonna give it my all to live that give back some of what I have been shown over the last few months. far as my treatment goes, I have hit a bit of a roadblock. The last 4 times that I have gone in to receive chemo, I have not been able to get it because of a low platelet count. This has been kinda frustrating because I don't like slowing down the pace. I wanna pump that stuff into me, knock this crappy cancer out of me, and get on with living. But, I have had to stay patient. My blood and my body has just been so abused that it is taking a long while for my body to rebuild to a normal platelet count. I have also been dealing with a significant amount of nausea and lack of appetite....ugh. One of these symptoms is always seeming to afffect my daily life. I am trying to get this under control with some new meds. Next week will be a big and monumental week. I have a bone marrow biopsy and then a meeting with Dr. Claxton to discuss the results. As usual, I am scared of the biopsy, and even more scared or the meeting with the doc. He will bascially be able to tell me, based on the biopsy results, if the cancer is still in remission and running scared or if it is returning. So, say some prayers this week. Take a break from turkey eating, pumpkin pie gorging, and football watching, and say some prayers of thanksgiving for all that you are blessed with and also for these results next week.

As I write this, 2 of my best friends are on their way home from alabama, my fiance is en route for the weekend, evan is making some cranberry relish (typical evan), and tons of family and friends are getting ready to support me and the cause to cure leukemia this Saturday. So, I have no shortage of reasons to give thanks. God is taking care of me.

ABC local news in h-burg decided to do a story on my dad and I, as well as the 5k. It was pretty awesome of them and I am attaching the link. Take special note of the slow motion effects at the well as that sexy cowboy in black and white yearbook picture....haha. I guess I need to get an agent now and ship off for L.A.

Safe travels to everybody and enjoy this time with family.....

much love and ALL will be well


  1. I'm sure you won't need a transplant, but if you do then you are welcome to all the marrow they can dig out of me. I'm already in the registry.

  2. That video is beautiful! I can't wait to see you all on Saturday!!

  3. Wonderful, well-done TV interview!! I'm so proud of everything about you Danny..... you are a true inspiration! I love you and will see you on Saturday!
    Love, Aunt Ronnie