Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

Just wanted to post a quick update. I was at the hospital this morning and today was the grand opening of the new and improved cancer treatment center at Hershey Medical Center. My appointment was at 8am so I was the very first patient.....they said my door prize would be in the mail...haha. Its a great new facility and the cancer treatment area has alot more space and alot more privacy.....not to mention flat screen TVs and a snack room....i told them they would never get rid of me now. My blood work today was all very positive.....particularly my white blood cell count almost doubled, which means that I am less prone to infection and don't need to worry as much about particular foods or crowds or anything.

Tomorrow marks the end of the first Course of my Clinical Trial......Day 29 -----it will be rewarding to cross that one off on the calendar. I will be having two injections of chemo, a bone marrow biopsy, and a spinal tap where they will put chemo into my spinal fluid. Then they will run approximately 488,149 tests on all of that to see how well the treatment has been working. I go back on Thursday to meet with Dr. Claxton, my main oncologist and get the results. If the chemo has killed enough of the leukemia cells then I will graduate to the second course of treatement which is a whole new slew of medications and chemos. If there is still a significant amount of leukemic cells in my marrow then I will be extneded for another two weeks on similar treatement to what I am currently getting and then re-evaluated. So, I am saying some serious prayers that there are good results this week.

On a happy note, I had an amazing weekend in St. Mary' s Pennslyvania at a family reunion with the Gabler family....who have been a second family and so much more than that for over a decade now. It was incredible uplifting and healing to be around such amzing and loving people. Did way more for me than any drugs or hsoptial time could have. I thank them all for including me in their family. I also got go be there as my Hanna and my rommie Evan became new, first-time Godparents to their newest Godson...Ronan Francis Blayney. It was great to be there.

much love and ALL will be well


  1. Chrissy and I (and Ethan!) have been following your blog from the start, though now we're official! Reading your posts is incredible to see the strength and positive attitude you bring to your fight. We're thinking of you and pulling for a quick road to the next chapter. Hang in there and know everyone is behind you!

  2. Hey Dan, you are such an inspiration in writing this blog. What an awesome attitude you have and I'm so happy to read positive things going on with you. You will get through this next round, you have such wonderful support with your beautiful Hanna and all your great friends and family and angels in heaven watching over you. Wish we could be closer in person but please know we are all thinking of you and praying for you and your dad every day. We love you and hope to see you before the summer is over. Kelly & Kaitlyn send lots of hugs and kisses to you. Keep strong Dan! Good luck on Tuesday, we're thinking of you. Love, Lisa, Marty and Girls

  3. Hey Dan..... the news about the WBC is most hopeful and positive.... you are doing an amazing job with this blog....makes us all feel a part of your journey..... don;t ever lose that smile..... will keep fingers crossed and prayers going for good news on most anxious to hear about that...... stay strong, hon........ luv ya........Hugssss Laura

  4. Hi Dan,
    Got your Blog link from Wanda. So happy to hear you were able to make the Family Reunion in St. Mary's. I know that was some good medicine for you! Please know that you are in my prayers. Sending a big hug your way! Janice

  5. Hey Roomie,
    I was going to call to get the update then I remembered about this. Thanks for making it a little easier for those who are worrying about you to get a little comfort.
    Know you are incredibly loved!
    On any vacation in the future, remember, "Mi dormitorio es suyo"

  6. Cuz-O! YOU make me are such an amazing, funny, smart, inspirational and handsome person! Keep up the fight, you are DEFINITELY NOT in this war alone... keep up the blog, its so great reading all of your positive words, and feeling your uplifting spirit... just think... you could always put a deflated beach ball on your head and shoot water out of your arm...ANYTHING is possible ;)
    Keep it up buddy, love you!