Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some more bragging......

so not only do i have the smallest amount of red blood cells ever recorded, I also apparaently have the hardest/densest hip bone in town. The bone marrow biopsy went okay yesterday but the nurse practioner had a very difficult time breaking into my bone because it was so strong.....I was rather proud :)

Other than the biopsy (which is to check to see if the treatment has been clearing out the marrow of the bad cells), i had two different chemo treatements yesterday. All went well and I have been way less nauseous this week. The nurses at the outpatient chemo center are all amazing and I think that there will be some new lifelong friends out of this hiccup. I cant say enough about everybody I have interacted with out at Hershey.

I also want to brag some more about those around me. I had a great surprise yesterday that came at a great time. Some of my friends made a scapbook for me of memories and well-wishes and it was an enormous spirit lifter. I can't describe how blessed I feel.

Well, today is another day to cross off the calendar, take a big step forward, and kick some butt. its the only option.

thanks for walking with me. Here is another favorite quote of mine:

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, it has no survival value; rather, it is one of those things that gives value to survival"

and....ALL will be well


  1. Hey Dan,
    Even though we just left you a voicemail this morning, we just found out about your blog so we thought we'd leave you a message here too. We are so happy to know more about how you are doing with everything and we are absolutely behind you in this fight. It's great to feel more connected to all you're going through so that our thoughts and prayers and love can be more focused. We send you lots of hugs and smiles. Hang in there buddy. We'll be in touch. Love, Sasha and Mark

  2. Dan,
    Heard the news. Heard about the blog--It's good to have an outlet. Given my experience in the field, all of this sounds just about right. I've been a witness to much of what you write about. (though not ALL, since I'm not involved with kids). They need to give you more ativan and lidocaine for the marrow biopsies!! I am glad to here that your are on a clinical trial. Not only are you helping future patients, but on a less altruistic note, you will actually be getting better, more scrutized care. Best of luck to you. I'm interested to read the updates. God Bless, you are in our prayers.
    Jake Patterson

  3. hey buddie,

    you are kind of like wolverine with your hard bones, except without the claws. i'm honored that you are sharing your experiences and that we can be a part of this journey. i am comforted that you are getting strength from the support of your friends and family. sign penny, jonas, and myself up for your army of support. stay strong my friend,



  4. Hey Dan,

    This may be the most meaningful blog I've heard about. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I look forward to reading more about how you are kicking butt at Hershey (you're right, it is the only option).

    Prayers from NYC,
    Ingrid Velmonte

  5. Hi Dan,
    I just heard about your blog through facebook. I've read through your posts and I just have to say that you are an inspiration. You will FIGHT this, I know you will! I am sending you love and prayers to help you along this journey.
    Beth Wright