Sunday, July 19, 2009

its a new week

I had a rough time dealing with the news from Thursday's meeting with Dr. Claxton. I dwelt on it a lot this weekend but I am now ready to face the new week with a new attitude. There are things that are in my control and what is happening in my bone marrow is not one of them. What I can control is my attitude, my demeanor, my faith, and my heart. So I am going to focus on those things and I am going to continue to do my part. I am still scared and still unsure of how the next chapter of all of this will read, but I will not be brought down. And I know that this book is going to be a good read and it will involve victory in the end.

On Friday, I started the second phase of the first course of chemotherapy. It involved two drugs given through an IV. I go back tomorrow to get a third drug and then again for one more treatment on Friday. Then I wait a week, have another bone marrow biopsy and they will see if this extra two weeks will throw me into remission. I am hopeful that this will be the case.

Friday was also an uplifting day that I want to mention. I spent the day with Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Aunt Ann, Alexis, Kelsey, Hanna Jo, Colin, Evan, Mrs. Gabler, John Hand and little Max at my parents house. It was great to be surrounded by friends and family. And there was great love, great support, great food, and great hugs from all of them.

Also, one more bit of good news. My taste buds are pretty much restored. Everything is a little off, but no more metallic taste, no more sweet taste, and I am enjoying food again.

Thanks for walking the walk with is inspiring and means more than anybody knows and it helps me to go on fighting, even though I am scared, sometimes terrified.

ALL will be well

"Cancer is so limited, It cannot cripple love, It cannot shatter hope, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot destory peace, It cannot kill friendship, It cannot supress memories, It cannot silence courage, It cannot invade the soul, It cannot steal eternal life, It cannot conquer the spirit."


  1. What a wonderful attitude you have Dan! I hope we can get there to see you or see you down at my parents soon!! We're all thinking of you and keeping the prayers going every day. Kelly says an extra little prayer to Grampy every night to take care of you and your dad too.
    We love you! Keep the Faith :)

  2. Hi there Danny... I just want to tell you that you are THE BRAVEST young man I know! Your faith and courage and strength and attitude and demeanor and heart will get you through this! You are right, this journal of yours will be a great read when this is over. You already are and will continue to be such an inspiration to so many other people, people you don't even know yet. Wow... when this is over you will probably have 700+ new friends on top of the 700+ you already have! Remember, tears are a gift so use them every single day. I love you Danny and will see you soon.
    Love, Aunt Ronnie XXXXOOOO (your OJ trial partner)

  3. Good looking up Dan! I love how you keep the positive attitude it gives me great happiness to know you are staying positive! Keep fighting and all of us up North will keep praying. Sending our love and happiness your way!

    With love,
    The Bauer's

  4. Dan - Thanks for keeping us updated. Our faith and love will pull you through, we just know it!!! Thinking of you and sending you hugs, kisses and lots of prayers. Love, Carol, Terry , Rachel and Sarah

  5. so true, dan... cancer is limited. and God the Father, in all his goodness, is NOT limited. as hard as it may be, trust that if you give this over to him, trust in His will, and believe as you pray that he can take this from you... all will be well.
    we love you very much, pray daily, and are fighting the good fight with you. let me know when you're ready for a krispy kreme off the hot rail. i'll make the drive.

  6. My Dearest Sweet Dan,
    I am still in shock with the news. I think I read your e-mail at least 5 times before it sunk into my head. As you well know, I have faced many trials and have found faith and loved ones are a great comfort. You are truly a special young man with courage and faith which is rare in young people today. I have also been very blessed knowing you. I want you to know you are in my prayers daily. Please do stop by the bowling center to see me if you have a chance. You may text me to make sure I am there as I don't work everyday, wonderful retirement you know.
    Your Friend,